Not your ordinary balloons!

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Dear Bride to be, Birthday Girl, Party Goer, Fantastic Hostess, Uber Busy Moms,

If your dreams of a fabulous party or event led you here then you know you’re looking for something different.

Your unique, one of a kind, most likely, you don’t care for the traditional, you love to stand out in the crowd, you want to wow the party and have everyone talking about it for a long time!

In short, your someone who has a strong vision, a fabulous way of seeing and being in the world, someone who’s unique, always original.

So when I say I get you, I really do!! I get that like most of us your uber busy, totally over committed, love life in the fast lane and want to look good being there but who has time to do it all yourself???

I get that this is your party, your time to sparkle and shine, you just want to show up and feel instantly fabulous wow them and have them talking about your party for a long time to come to be A legend of sorts…..

The great news is we have found each other! We can’t do it all alone!!!!!

Tell us your dreams of the perfect event and we will create unique one of a kind balloons all your own to create the stuff of legends!

We are definitely not for the shy and obscure!! The attention on you will be so magnified and we know from experience that people from across the room are going to come over and find out where you got your totally awesome balloons!


Prepare to be the life of the party!!!!




For every balloon you purchase, Build A Balloon will donate a 20" balloon with a 3 foot fringey, balloon tassel garland tail in your color selection to bring a smile to the face of a child going through a critical illness.
There are many worthy organizations we believe in but none as much as There With Care an organization that works with critically ill children and their families. Making these big ginormous balloons makes us smile!! We're very grateful to be able to do what we do. Thank you to all of you who have purchased a balloon and help us pay the smiles forward to a little child so deserving!


If you would like more information on There With Care, please visit



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Studio Pictures

Studio Pictures

The Glitterati in the making! Balloon Tassels

The Glitterati in the making! Balloon Tassels


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We use anything we can get our hands on!

We use anything we can get our hands on!

Especially LOVE vintage ribbons to make a really unique balloon!

Especially LOVE vintage ribbons to make a really unique balloon!