For every balloon you purchase, Build A Balloon will donate a 20" inch balloon with 3 foot fringey, tassely tail in your color selection to bring a smile to the face of a child going through a critical illness.
There are many worthy organizations we believe in but none so much as the There With Care organization

When a family faces a critical illness, life changes in an instant. There With Care relies on the support of caring individuals, corporations, and foundations so that they can help families going through treatment for a life threatening illness.

Their Mission is to:

* offering  a ride so a parent can comfort her sick child on the way to treatment (In one instance a child that was dreading going to his last chemo appointment was picked up in a limo!!!)
* providing essential items for babies coming home from the NICU (Neo-natal ICU)
* deep cleaning a home for an immune compromised child
* listening and offering support to a frightened parent
* supporting siblings so that parents can focus on their ill child
* offering family therapy to help hold families together when they need it most

Making these big ginormous balloons makes us smile!! We’re very grateful to be able to do what we do. Thank you to all of you who have purchased a balloon and help us pay the smiles forward to a little child so deserving!!!

If you would like more information on There With Care, please visit