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Let's Build Your Balloon:

Do you already know what colors you want for your party or event? Great!
IF YOU WANT TO BE TRULY ORIGINAL and HAVE A VISION YOU WANT US TO CREATE , please email us below with some specific information so we can build your balloon specific to your event : 

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We'll get back to you as soon as we can answers to your questions, a quote and some ideas to make your event really special! OR CALL US @ 323-602-0012you can gush about your upcoming event and give us all the details


  • Unless purchased through our PreMade Balloons, our balloons are hand made for each order in our studio We keep very little "in stock" as everything is one of a kind. 
  • Pricing + Sizing varies, but our three basic options for all custom orders are: 
  1.  3 ft tassel garland for $38 (comes with one balloon to match)

  2. 6ft tassel garland for $58 (comes with one balloon to match) (as seen on our website)

  3. 10 ft tassel garland for $68 (comes with one balloon to match)

  •  Price of a single balloon kit includes 1 tassel garland and 1 balloon, balloon clips and leaded weight. 
  •  Tassel Garland is packed flat for shipping, with balloon, clips, leaded weight and instructions. 
  •  All colors are chosen to match your party and event. Please share with us your event themes, colors and images for inspiration! We LOVE mood boards or pin boards!
  • Because we make everything custom, to-order, our construction time varies and is based on our existing orders schedule. If there's a tight timeline we'll work our hardest to make it happen! 
  •  All balloons are huge! To Achieve the effect as pictured on our website, simply to to your local party store or grocery store to get the balloon inflated with 14 cubic feet of helium (the average cost is $3.50 per balloon) and inflated to 36" (3feet)
  • Be sure to inflate to full size as the weight of the tassels will weigh the balloon down. The balloon is 3ft in diameter and will fit easily into a midsize car, for two balloons you might want to consider an SUV or station wagon!
  •  Domestic + International orders are couriered via FedEx
  • We can arrange for delivery with helium or we can deliver and style in person, with personal delivery in any state!
  •  We mail the balloons with instructions for filling with helium and attaching the garland, it's easy anybody can do it!
  • Replacement balloons can be purchased for $10 from us and highly recommended so you are able to re-use the tassel garland over and over again!
  • We are available for private events, including original concept and design as well as styling, staffing, and installation for your special party! 
  • If time is a concern, like you need them yesterday, we sell pre-made balloons for fast, in-stock ordering. 


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